Signs You Have Mice in Your Attic & When You Need a Local Exterminator

Signs You Have Mice in Your Attic & When You Need a Local Exterminator

When many homeowners realize they have a mice infestation, typically they see a variety of signs inside their home. Learn the signs and when to call a local exterminator like Capitol Pest for rodent control service.

mice in attic, local exterminator, rodent control serviceThey might notice droppings in their cabinets, newly chewed holes in their pantry goods, or even see the mice themselves scurrying quickly out of sight along the walls. However, very rarely does a mouse infestation start in the easily noticeable areas of your house. In fact, those mice invading your home likely set up their home base in an area we rarely visit – either the basement or the attic.

If you have an unfinished attic, it is the perfect environment for a mouse. It is secluded, filled with premium nesting material, and can be a gateway into the more food-filled areas of your home. It is important to know the signs that mice have been able to get into your attic and are starting to set up there. Being able to spot the signs early means you can get rid of these fast-breeding pests before the real invasion can begin.

Signs of Mice in the Attic

Attic Noise

Mice are primarily active at night, but because an attic is dark, often they can become active at any time of the day. After a certain point when too many mice are in the same space, they will begin to really create a racket as they create nests and move out into less crowded areas. When a mouse infestation is bad, you might be able to pop up in the attic with a flash light and hear them scurrying in a panic. If you have begun to hear scratching on the ceiling or especially in the walls, don’t assume its ghosts. It is more likely mice.

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Look for Mouse Trails

If you have an unfinished attic that is just a bunch of insulation and maybe a few boards to walk on, you will be able to spot mouse activity pretty quickly. Mice tend to like to take the same paths when they move, and when they move over insulation, they will create trails inside this insulation like veins.

If you have a finished attic, it may be more difficult to spot mouse activity like this. However, if you suspect mice in the attic, you can catch them red-handed by sprinkling baby powder on the floor. Mice don’t mind stepping in it and you can catch all their little tracks.


rodent pest control problem

Rodent Pest Control Problem – Source: Global News

Sometimes it can be difficult to spot obvious chewing in the attic. Other times, not so much. Mice will chew on everything and anything, even if they shouldn’t. From rafters to electrical wiring, nothing is off limits. If you spot little chew marks or nicks, it is best to assume mice. Those marks didn’t get there by themselves.

If exposed copper rests against any flammable material, such as wood, the heat can ignite the material and cause a house fire. Rodents chewing on wires is no longer just an inconvenience but a danger to your home and loved ones safety.


The most obvious sign of any mouse infestation is droppings. Mice will leave them everywhere and anywhere, but typically they will be found closer to either their food source or their nesting area. The droppings are oval-shaped and pointed at one end. Mice don’t just leave just one small dropping either, but rather many in the same area. Don’t let it be confused with specks of mud. If it is in the attic, it is most likely droppings.

Time for a Local Exterminator and Rodent Control Services?

A few mice in your attic might seem pretty harmless, but that is where invasions are staged. Two mice have the capability of producing ten litters per year, which is roughly sixty new mice in your attic. A mouse couple might not bother you at first, but when they and their many offspring start chewing on your house’s electrical wiring or venturing into your kitchen to contaminate your food, they are an issue that will be difficult to get rid of without rodent control services.

If you have mice in your attic or rodents that have already invaded you home, contact Capitol Pest your local exterminator today.

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