Seven Tips for Achieving Advanced Pest Control

For those living in the Washington, DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia area, pest control can be a big issue. There are many precautions to be taken that can help save the frustration that pest problems cause. Here are several tips for achieving advanced pest control success.

  1. Remove standing water from your yard and home

    tips for advanced pest control

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Standing water is a pool of water that does not flow. Stagnant water provides a haven for a long list of pests but the most prominent is the mosquito. Mosquitoes use these bodies of water as a breeding ground and can spread a bevy of nasty diseases.

  1. Keep firewood off the ground and covered

The most obvious pests that seeks shelter in wood are termites but snakes and spiders also seek out wood piles for shelter. Concrete blocks or bricks can be used to keep the wood off the ground and stacking the wood in such a way as to permit good air flow will limit the build-up of moisture that attracts critters.

  1. Seal doors and windows

Not only are improperly sealed doors and windows an easy access point for pests, water can accumulate over time and provide hydration for critters as well.

  1. Seal cracks in walls

Along with allowing for easy access from outside, many critters use the insides of walls as habitats as well.

  1. Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming on a consistent basis is a surprisingly effective form of pest control. Removing potential food sources and droppings will have a great effect on the amount of pests attracted to the area.

  1. Get rid of stacks of newspapers

Stacks of newspapers are another source of nesting material for a variety of pests. Paper also is consumed by insects such as silverfish and cockroaches.

  1. Hire a professional exTerminator (or leave it because “I’ll be back!”)

Pest control problems can be difficult to identify and control and may require the know-how of licensed pest control professionals. Also, preventative measures that are far more effective than DIY tactics can limit potential problems arising in the first place.

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