Rodent Monitoring Plan

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What is Included in the Rodent Monitoring Service Plan?

For $35/month, the rodent monitoring service plan includes:

  • Removal of the initial rodent population
  • Inspection for rodent entry points
  • Outside rodent population management
  • Additional visits as needed throughout the year
  • Inside treatments as needed

What Happens if I Have a Problem In-Between My Quarterly Visits?

  • Not to worry, if a rodent gets in again or if rodent burrows appear on the outside, you can call at any time and we will provide as many additional visits as needed to solve the issue.

Please call us at 301-603-3169 or fill out the form below to set up an appointment with a Capitol Pest Field Inspector.

Why will a Rodent Monitoring Service Plan Help?

The Rodent Monitoring service plan was designed by our Zoologist and 2 PhD Entomologists to provide ongoing protection from unwanted rodent activity. If rodents are your only concern, this may be the right plan for you and your family.

Our rodent specialist will start by inspecting your home for all areas that are currently active for rodent activity inside and place traps and/or bait stations in an effort to remove the population ASAP. More importantly, he/she will inspect for all areas that would allow rodents to continue to enter your home and provide a detailed list of these entry points along with an estimate to seal them. He/she will also place a bait station on the exterior to provide ongoing population control on the outside.

Because mice and rats communicate with pheromones and droppings, they make it more likely for additional rodents to continue to enter by showing them the way, it is critical for someone to seal these areas. The most challenging thing is that rodents will store food and as long as they have access to the outdoors may also have additional food sources available to them. These are the reasons that it can take time for the problem to be solved. As a result, our rodent specialist will return weekly for two more weeks in order to continue the process of removing rodents who have run out of food and visit our traps.

We will continue to return each week until the problem is solved (as long as someone seals the entry points). Once done, we will place bait stations in key places inside to prevent any future rodents from establishing. Once the initial population is removed, we will provide quarterly visits to manage the rodent population on the outside in order to prevent them from chewing or finding another way inside (visits are available more often for additional fees).