Rodent Control Service & Entry Point Sealing

Rodent Control Service & Rodent Exclusion Services by Capitol Pest are ranked the best in the region. That’s because we hire technicians with carpentry and/or other trade skills and then train them to be pest control technicians, our technicians are uniquely qualified to understand the structure of a home and how to properly seal it to keep rodents out. The best way to keep your home rodent-free is to prevent rats and mice from ever getting inside. Rodents fit through very small openings and can gnaw through wood, lead, aluminum, copper, cinder block, and uncured concrete. Mice can squeeze through gaps larger than 5/16 inch, and rats can squeeze through gaps larger than 1/2 inch. They will also enlarge openings that are too small by chewing until the hole is big enough for their body to fit through.

What is Included in Our Rodent Service?


Our rodent control service includes a thorough inspection of the inside of the home for rats or mice and their droppings and urine. We will then provide treatments as needed on the inside to eliminate the rodent activity on the inside as quickly as possible. We will revisit the home weekly until the population is eliminated, but this process normally takes three visits over a period of two to three weeks.


On the outside of your home, we will look for areas that need to be sealed in order to prevent future rodent entry and provide a detailed estimate for our trained technicians to seal all areas that need to be addressed. Because rats and mice can run up the side of a home, entry points around the roofline are very often missed and not even inspected. Some of the common areas that may need attention are:

  • Air vents, dryer vents, and attic louvers
  • Doors that need new door sweeps or weather stripping
  • Openings around pipes and wiring leading into the house
  • Gaps under the siding, gutters, or fascia board
  • Holes in walls or rotted areas
  • Entry points found in most garages: Once in the garage, they may gain entry into the main structure along electrical lines, pipes, poorly sealed fire wall sheathing, or around furnace ducts, hot water heaters, or laundry drains

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