PestWorld for Kids

Pestworld for kids

Pestworld for Kids originated as a way of educating the next generation on the role of pest control professionals and generate interest in this career field. Regardless of its original intent, this website is an excellent educational tool for children. Pestworld gives kids who are buggy about bugs and kids merely researching nasty critters for a school project a fun, interactive place to play and learn.

The site’s education begins with a Pest Guide that provides information for more than 20 common pests. Each guide informs kids of a pest’s physical characteristics, scientific names, diet and habitat. The information goes on to describe the pest’s harmful influence on homes and how to prevent infestation.

The Report Writing section meets curriculum standards in teaching children how to research, format and write reports. The website also offers free, downloadable science fair kits suitable for kindergarten to grade eight students.

Kids can also learn as they play: Pestworld for Kids offers interactive games, a Pest Quest television show and Critter Crafts. The games and show expand on the site’s general information, and the craft section instructs kids on the making of adorable creatures from household items.

When children visit Pestworld for Kids, they have fun learning about pests. This informative website can help with school projects, and it teaches them – as future homeowners – which bugs should not be in their homes and how they can safely rid the home of pesky nuisances.