Mosquito Control: Eliminate Standing Water to Help Eliminate Mosquitoes

Mosquito Control: Eliminate Standing Water to Help Eliminate Mosquitoes

Few pests can absolutely ruin an outdoor event like mosquitoes. They will chase you inside for the entire summer, if you don’t use mosquito treatments to control them. The first defense in Mosquito Control: Eliminate Standing Water to Help Eliminate Mosquitoes.

Fortunately, one important action you can take to keep mosquitoes from swarming your yard is to eliminate standing water. Below are specific steps to take to get rid of standing water and help prevent mosquitoes from making your life miserable.

mosquito control - eliminate standing waterThe Problem of Standing Water and What to Do About It

It all begins when female mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water. Soon, these eggs hatch into larvae, which will then transform into flying, biting adults.

Below are a few areas where standing water can become a real problem:

  • Buckets or Pots – Any size bucket or flower pot can be inviting to mosquitoes looking for a place to lay eggs. That’s why you should dump accumulated water and either turn buckets or pots upside down or store them in a covered, dry location to prevent future occurrences.
  • Low Areas – Low areas in your yard where drainage is poor can also be a problem. It doesn’t take but a couple of inches of water to provide a thriving mosquito habitat, and that is why low areas should be handled. Fill in ditches and depressions with soil and be sure that drainage is adequate for your property.
  • Gutters – Poorly maintained gutters are another spot where mosquitoes can reproduce. Stagnant water can accumulate and give rise to generation after generation of mosquitoes. Clean clogged gutters to allow them to drain freely.
  • Toys – Believe it or not, but toys can also be prime mosquito breeding grounds. Neglected toys sitting outside can contain numerous tiny pools of water that attract females. As such, be sure to put toys away when done to prevent them from accumulating water.

Don’t Do Mosquito Control Alone

Mosquito control is something that most homeowners can’t do by themselves. That’s why you should contact Capitol Pest for help in fighting mosquitoes. Capitol Pest can eliminate your mosquito problem and restore your outdoor living this spring and summer.

Please call us at 301-603-3169 or fill out the form below to set up an appointment with a Capitol Pest Field Inspector.

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