Identifying Wasps and Fending Them Off Until the Wasp Exterminator Arrives

Identifying Wasps and Fending Them Off Until the Wasp Exterminator Arrives

Capitol Pest wasp exterminatorIdentifying wasps, locating their nests, and fending them off until the wasp exterminator arrives is an annual summer occurrence for many homeowners. There is simply no compromising with wasps. You can’t leave them alone and be safe, and you can’t cede them a corner of your yard to pollinate in peace. Wasps are angry, hostile, and territorial creatures and unlike bees, they sting more than once. Those enormous stingers hold a lot of venom. A single wasp stinging multiple times can be enough to send a child to the hospital and multiple wasps are enough to take down even a full grown adult even if they are not allergic.

Wasps like to build against the outside of buildings or up in your rafters if they can. They like any position that keeps the wind off and prefer dry exposed wood because many variants of wasps chew up wood to turn it into nest material. Once a wasp has built on or near your home, they then put out sentries who will wait on the eaves of your roof or the rafters inside your house then fly down and swarm anyone who approaches.

Capitol Pest field technicians recommend you call 301-603-3169 and schedule a wasp exterminator to visit your home for a yard inspection. Do not attempt to dislodge or handle the wasp nest yourself.

Finding the Wasp Nest

wasp exterminator Capitol PestThe first moment you notice a wasp, it’s vital that you identify where the nest is so you know where your family absolutely should not go without thick sting-resistant clothing. Wasps don’t generally travel more than a few hundred yards from their nest and most of them prefer to conserve their energy to guard the nest itself. This means that seeing one wasp could mean that the nest could be anywhere on your property or even on a nearby neighbor’s home instead. However, seeing more than three or four wasps together is almost a sure sign that the nest is nearby.

If you see wasps on the corner of a roof, they could have their nest under the eaves or somewhere inside they can crawl in and out of. Wasps are also likely to seek space in less used semi-outdoor areas like sheds, garages, and attics but they might also choose any sheltered area in the yard like under a tarp or a pile of firewood. Once you sight the nest or have a close idea of where it is, fall back and make a plan.

Call 301-603-3169 and schedule a Capitol Pest wasp exterminator visit. Our professionals will properly inspect your property and take care of the wasp issue.

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