How to Keep Stinging Insects Away from Your Home

How to Keep Stinging Insects Away from Your Home

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Capitol Pest Field Technician Edgar inspecting the home for nests or holes made by bees.

Wasp, hornets, and even the noble and necessary bee – no one want to have an up close encounter with stinging insects. Not only do many homeowner’s fear stinging insects because of any potential allergies, but those stings sure do hurt. While you might be sympathetic to dwindling bee populations, you still probably don’t want a nest right up on your house. So how do you keep stinging insects away from your outdoor space?

Police Your Food

Like many of your local picnic-ruining ants, stinging insects are attracted to food. All stinging insects, from wasps to bees, will be attracted to a variety of food sources, not just the lovely flowers in your yard. If you are prone to attracting stinging insects, don’t leave food out and make sure those trash can lids remain firmly closed. It is also worth noting that even sweet perfumes and lotions can be attractive, as well.

Maintain Your Home

While a crevice between your outdoor light fixture or a few loose pieces of siding don’t seem like a huge deal structurally, they are a problem when it comes to stinging insects. Any crevice on your home looks like the hottest new piece of stinging insect property to those in the market. If they can wiggle in and make nests, they will. Furthermore, as some types of stinging insects build nests below ground, also look out for old rodent holes. Sometimes these insects will move right in as well.


Make Note of Nests

Often if you catch a nest early, you can take care of it yourself with a little bug spray and some fast running shoes. This means weekly patrols around your house can help cut down on a stinging insect presence. However, if the nests are already well established, heading out with your wasp spray is playing a dangerous game of making them really angry. If the insects had a chance to build a nest or you can’t find where they built it, it is safest to leave it to a professional.

Call Pest Control

The occasional mud dauber nest or beginnings of a paper wasp nest can be dealt with if caught early. However, if you have multiple nests or a large presence of stinging insects and you can’t track down where they are coming from, it is time to call in the professionals. Wasps and hornets are capable of stinging multiple times, and while wasps only sting when threatened, hornets can be incredibly aggressive. You don’t want any of them around your home for longer than necessary, and pest control experts have the knowledge and the tools to track down where they are coming from, remove them, and advise you on how to keep them from coming back.

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