Healthcare Pest Control

Serving Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical and Dental Offices

Capitol Pest offers healthcare pest control services.

Hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, and dental offices all care for a large volume of people.  The last thing a patient and their family wants to experience during their medical visit is an encounter with a pest. Whether it’s bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, or mice, the presence of pests implies unsanitary conditions.

The complex needs of a healthcare facility demands comprehensive treatment of infestations, preventive pest control services, and attention to detail to privacy, communication, and effective documentation.

At Capitol Pest, we understand how quickly a bad experience can damage a healthcare facility’s reputation. This is why Capitol Pest offers specialized commercial healthcare pest control services.

We specialize in treating healthcare properties, from the patient rooms and the kitchen, to the laundry rooms, lobby, and all areas in between. We’ll treat immediate pest infestations and provide you our award-winning preventive pest control services so that you, your patients and visitors, can focus on their health.

Pest Control Experts

Rest assured that when you work with Capitol Pest, you are working with the most innovative company in the Washington, DC area. We are the only company to have a full time Zoologist, (rodent and animal expert), 2 PhD Entomologists (bug expert) and Biochemist (pesticide expert) on our staff. As a result, we have developed unique and proprietary processes to provide far safer and superior results. We have a better treatment process for cockroaches, ants, mice, and bed bugs (up to one-year warranty) while also focusing on better communication and documentation.

Our experts have developed three levels of commercial healthcare pest control service options meant to provide superior results to other companies. Our Bronze service is meant to be competitive with other company’s prices while providing a service that covers many more pests and includes our proprietary treatments that provide superior treatment results. With our Silver service plan, we include even more pest issues, more detailed documentation, and pictures as needed. We also include the best guarantee in the business (see below) and regular visits by management and our PhD Entomologist to ensure we are living up to our guarantee. With our Gold service, no pest can hide as we inspect for unreported cases of all pests, every time we are in a unit. Our staff PhD Entomologist also runs trending reports on a regular basis to determine if any hot spots need additional attention.

healthcare pest control

Best Guarantee in the Business

We are already the highest rated company by homeowners and we feel we have the best commercial healthcare pest control service in the industry as well. If after 90 days, you are not convinced that our service is the best your property has ever had, we will cancel your agreement and refund all monies paid for this service.

What this Means for Your Business

  • Superior technicians, trained to be problem solvers, means superior results.
  • Superior results means better patient retention.
  • Superior communication and documentation means less frustration and worry.
  • Superior guarantee means a no-risk trial.

Let us tailor a customized healthcare pest control service program to meet your needs, and exceed your expectations that have been lowered by the performance of other companies. THERE IS A SUPERIOR SERVICE AVAILABLE!

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