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With its warm summer temperatures and over 100 days of precipitation every year, the Metro DC area has a lush landscape during the warmer months. While this is one of its benefits to residents and visitors, one of the disadvantages is that the climate is favorable to several pests. Two of the most painful warm-weather pests are bees and wasps. It is important to know how to identify them, prevent them and call upon a bee exterminator and wasp exterminator to safely remove them.

Identifying Bees And Wasps

Honey bees are smaller and have darker yellow stripes. Their bodies are also fuzzy and are almost translucent. Carpenter bees are much larger and thicker, and some may be black. Wasps have stripes that are brighter yellow, and their bodies are longer than a bee’s body. They do not have the same fuzzy appearance as a bee.

Where To Find Bees And Wasps

Wasps may live in nests or in the ground. They can burrow in a lawn or under open dirt. The most common place to see their nests is under the eaves of a garage or home. Their nests are usually small but will grow if they are ignored. Movies often portray beehives in trees. While some hives may be in abandoned tree hollows, they are also common behind the walls or under the porches of homes.

To find wasp habitats, look under the eaves of garages and along the spaces under the gutters. Do the same the home, and take note of any nests. If there is a buzzing sound behind a wall or in a basement, this could indicate the presence of a beehive in the home. Seeing bees flying around the home may also be a sign that a hive is in the home or directly outside of the home. Carpenter bees leave their mark by drilling holes in wood.

Risks Of Bees And Wasps

With wasps, the main risk is stinging. They can sting homeowners, their families and their guests. For businesses, this can be problematic if patrons are stung. Carpenter bees can damage wood accents or structures. When bees sting, their stingers can cause an allergic reaction in humans. For some people, the reaction can lead to anaphylactic shock, which may be fatal.

How To Remove Bees And Wasps

Since honey bees are endangered and play a vital role in protecting the country’s food supply, they should never be disturbed or killed. Professionals can safely remove their hives and relocate them. Also, never try to disturb a wasp nest. This usually results in homeowners being stung multiple times by aggressive wasps.

Avoid using DIY methods, which usually include harmful chemicals. When bees or wasps start appearing on a property, it is time to call a pest control professional. Colonies multiply and spread quickly. Only a professional can safely remove these stinging pests.

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