Bed Bugs and Air B&B – Local exterminators for bed bugs

local exterminators for bed bugsAcross the US the online marketplace for short-term and vacation rentals has seen massive growth in the last year. Listing your spare bedroom, rental unit or condo has become a popular way to earn and save money without the hassle of long-term lease agreements. These flexible arrangements have been a boon for traveler and homeowner alike. Local exterminators for bed bugs shares concerns about bed bugs and your short term property rental, like an Air B&B property.

There is a downside to any venture, of course. There are the old socks and hair clips that get left in the sink, even the occasional phone. A bad renter might leave a hole in the wall or if you’re really unlucky – a scorch mark (or worse). However, this may not spell out all of your problems. Many travelers, no matter where they are coming from or what they are doing, may also be transporting pests into your home.

Pests and pest control is a major concern nation-wide for providers of hospitality services. Unfortunately, most small B&B rentals do not make adequate preparations or provide adequate pest control services to protect their homes or their tenants. While many small-time landlords simply do not understand the risks involved in short-term rentals, the most commonly cited reason for failing to arrange services is cost. Luckily, if you live in the Washington DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia area, Capital Pest is the leading local expert in pest control solutions for the short-term rental market in your area. We provide cost-effective infestation control and regular pest prevention services that will protect you and your guests from a variety of pests.

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