Local Ant Exterminator

In the DC Metro area, everyone marches to the beat of a different drummer, including the ants. Not everything in the nation’s capitol has a concrete surface. In fact, many areas have lush, green landscapes, not to mention the numerous pristine lawns throughout every residential neighborhood. Where the grass grows, the ants go and build mounds while scavenging the area for food. Unfortunately, these tiny insects sometimes make their way into your home. When they do, Capitol Pest, the region’s premier ant exterminator, can kick them out for good.

Types of Ants in the Metro D.C. Area

Around 700 ant species live in the U.S., so you’re likely to see quite a few different ants in your yard or on the city sidewalks. The most common ants include:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Acrobat ants
  • Thief ants

Carpenter ants burrow and build their nests in wood, making your home a prime target for their construction. Pavement ants tend to congregate between the cracks in your driveway and foundation. The odorous house ant gets its name from the foul-smelling odor it emits after you’ve crushed it. Most ants, including the thief and acrobat species, enter homes through cracks in the foundation or openings around windows and doors.

The Problem With Ants – Why You Need an Ant Exterminator?

You may not think much of one or two ants in your home. Given time, those few ants will evolve into a much larger infestation. When scout ants forage for food, water and shelter, they leave a pheromone trail behind as a way to signal to other colony members once they’ve found something good. The next thing you know, ants have overrun your kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Some ants, such as the thief species, feed on dead rodents and other animal carcasses. When these ants enter your home, they may contaminate your surfaces and food with various diseases. To avoid ant infestations, you should always keep your food in sealed containers and clean up after you’ve spilled food or a beverage. Sealing large and small cracks in and around your home can also prevent ants from coming inside.

Ants belong outdoors, not in your home. They raid pantries, contaminate food and build nests in baseboards, crawlspaces and various cracks and crevices. Capitol Pest specializes in removing ants from homes, apartments and businesses. We take a curative and preventative approach to ant control, knocking out existing infestations while created a treated zone on the exterior to keep the populations down on the outside and keeping your home ant-free on the inside.

Professional Ant Exterminator

You don’t have to share your living space with a few or a thousand ants. When these pests invade your home, contact Capitol Pest for more information regarding our ant exterminator services. We not only target ants where they build, nest and forage but also in areas where they have yet to congregate. Our team can rid your home of nuisance ants without affecting you or your family’s health.