Winter Bed Bugs May Lead to Infestations

Winter Bed Bugs May Lead to Infestations

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For many outdoor insects, winter is a period of hibernation. The cold temperatures force most insects, even those inside the walls of your home, into dormancy. However, bed bugs are active year-round since most of its feeding activities happen indoors in heated areas. Winter bed bugs therefore have no problem reproducing causing a bigger infestation if not properly treated.


The comfortable winter temperatures inside your home prevent bed bugs from entering into hibernation during the coldest months of winter. Remember, they don’t need much to keep them going, a simple blood meal will last them for a while. They’ll hide enjoying their meal and then resurface once it’s time for another one. So, just because you don’t experience a bite, doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

Winter Bed Bugs Need Pest Control

The winter months are a great time to take care of an infestation. During this period winter bed bugs are less active and produce fewer eggs than they do during the summer. Although their lack of activity does not make them easier to kill, taking care of pests while they are less active has a greater rate of success than during hot, summer months when they reproduce and spread rapidly.

Preparing Your Home During the Winter

During the winter our houses tend to become more cluttered. Cleaning up winter clutter and sealing it away for treatment is vital to the success of your treatment. If you have baseboard heating, your technician may need to turn off and spray around each unit, as bed bugs will gravitate toward sources of heat during the winter months. Make sure you follow any directions given to you prior to treatment to ensure the best outcome possible.

Winters in the northeast can be especially cold. However, our homes keep winter bed bugs safe from the harsh outdoor temperatures.

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