Why You Need Wasp Control

Nobody likes wasps in their yard, but few people really do much to get rid of them. They should. The following reasons explain why wasps are such a dangerous nuisance.

They’re Tenacious Stingers

Wasps have one major advantage that bees do not: unhooked stingers. You see, most bees have a hook at the end of their stinger that causes it to get stuck to your skin. When they fly away, they tear themselves in half and die.

Unfortunately, wasps have straight stingers. This means an individual wasp can sting you a dozen times without stopping.

They’re Territorial

When wasps nest near your home or in its eaves, they take it over as their territory. They don’t care about the money you’ve invested or the home you’ve built. As far as they’re concerned, you’re an invader.

As a result, they will often go out of their way to sting people. Sure, they’re just trying to protect their home. But, their home protection methods are painful.

They Cause Allergic Reactions

The venom wasps inject with every sting is extremely painful, but relatively harmless for most people. However, people who are allergic to wasps can suffer from extreme reactions that can put their life at serious risk.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know whether or not you’re allergic until you’ve been stung. So, it’s best to just get rid of any wasps in you yard before it becomes a problem.

But don’t do it alone: messing with a wasp nest without any training is likely to cause a lot of angry wasps to come gunning for you. Call a wasp control expert and let them do the hard work.

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