Where Do Pests Go in the Winter?

Chilly winter weather doesn’t just drive people indoors; it brings pests inside as well. Roaches, ants, termites and more may show up in your home as the weather changes, leaving you to deal with a potentially problematic infestation.

Pest Invasion In Basement

Insects seek warm, dry environments just like animals and people do. As the weather gets colder, they look for convenient places to wait out the season. Your home offers the perfect combination of warmth, shelter and easy access to food. Once pests have found a good place to stay, they often leave behind chemical signals so others can find it, increasing the chances that more bugs will choose your home as a winter hideaway.

Health Hazards

Common pests pose a range of health risks. Cockroaches leave behind waste that can trigger allergies or even asthma attacks, especially in children. Spider bites are painful and can potentially be poisonous depending on the variety. Ants get into everything, including the pantry, leading to contamination of food. Other pests such as fleas and stinging insects can cause painful allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Pest Control in Virginia

While you might be tempted to control infestations of these pests yourself, this isn’t always the best or safest approach. Bug-killing chemicals all pose potential risks and will only eliminate the infestation in places you can reach. Some pests are a threat at all stages of their life cycles, meaning if there are eggs or larvae hiding in unseen places, the infestation will only come back. Professional exterminators know what signs to look for and are trained in the use of special equipment and insecticides that can take care of the entire problem the first time.

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