Ways Prepare for Termite Swarms

In order to prevent swarms of termites from damaging your home, you can eliminate cracks in the foundation, add durable coverings to small spaces, decrease moisture in sections that contain wood and replace shingles that have become damaged. Moreover, you may integrate extra vents into walls that are connected to attics or basements, and the ventilation will substantially reduce high levels of humidity that could attract termites.

Modifying Small Spaces

If your house features tight spaces that provide access to wiring, pipes or the outdoors, you should place vapor barriers on each section of the spaces. Generally, the coverings consist of polyethylene, which can withstand excessive heat, impacts, termites, ants and standing water.

Eliminating Openings

After inspecting your house’s foundation, you can add sealants to cracks that may allow termites to enter the house. You may also modify wooden boards that are located within 8 inches of the ground, and you should replace items that feature foam and objects that contain cellulose because the products may attract termites during the summer months.

Choosing Boxes That Can Withstand the Bugs

The insects are typically drawn to cardboard boxes that contain many types of paper, so you can utilize plastic boxes that are airtight. The sealed boxes may also prevent termites from smelling the stacks of paper, which can allow a swarm of termites to grow rapidly.

Eliminating an Accumulation of Moisture

Numerous analyses have shown that termites commonly search for areas that have excessive moisture, so a homeowner may replace pipes with leaks and get rid of wood that has been damaged by moisture. Furthermore, you should regularly remove excessive moisture from air conditioners that are situated near wooden windowsills and supports that contain wood.

Decreasing the Risk

You may replace mulch and piles of wood that are close to the home, and you can cut tree branches that are situated within 20 feet of the house. You may thoroughly trim bushes that are positioned within 35 feet of the building’s exterior, and many experts have indicated that homeowners shouldn’t place wooden fences and wooden posts near the house.

Choosing a Service Plan That Can Prevent Termites From Infesting Your Property

At Capitol Pest, we provide a service package that allows our experts to regularly inspect your home, and we will search for sawdust, wooden panels that have become hollow, sections that contain high levels of moisture, cracks that recently formed and any small tunnels that are situated within wooden items. Although many competing companies offer service packages with a price of more than $350, our service plan typically features a price of less than $200.

Stopping Termites That Are Affecting a House

Founded in 1936, our business is able to eliminate termites that have infested buildings of all sizes, and you can evaluate testimonials of our company, the details of our service plan, a list of frequently asked questions or tips that may prevent infestations. If you are ready to request a detailed inspection, you can call 240-455-5179.

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