Washington DC Rodent Control Keeps Mice from Invading During the Winter

Washington DC Rodent Control Keeps Mice from Invading During the Winter

When cooler weather settles in, rodents will make their way to structures in an attempt to keep warm. Taking steps to prepare your home for this possibility is important to stop these pests from causing damage and spreading bacteria around your living space. A top Washington DC Rodent Control company, Capitol Pest, shares a few tips that will aid in keeping rodents from becoming nuisances when winter arrives.

Take Time to Check Over the Exterior of the Home

Mouse in Winter - Washington DC Rodent ControlBefore temperatures drop for the season, take a look at the exterior of your home for any possibly entryways that pest will use to get to the interior portion. Siding should be intact, free of cracks and holes. If there is an area in question present, call a professional to repair it or use caulk as a temporary barrier so mice and other rodents are unable to wriggle their way inside. Remedy gaps under doors with weather-stripping or door sweeps to keep mice from sliding underneath.

Do a Deep Clean of the Interior of Your House

Doing frequent cleaning sessions of the inside of your abode will help to keep mice from being attracted to the smell of food. Make sure to place any leftovers in sealed containers and store them in your refrigerator so mice are less likely to be led to an odor. Vacuuming and wiping down counters on a routine basis removes crumbs and food remnants, decreasing the attractiveness of your home as there will be no readily available food for mice to seek.

Call a Rodent Control Service to Check Over the Premises

If you suspect rodents are already living inside of your home, or if you need assistance in learning about added ways to keep them from becoming a problem this winter, a call to a professional is best.

For more information about Washington DC rodent control or to schedule a free evaluation, please contact us today or call 301-603-3169.

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