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Washington, D.C. Bed Bug Control Services

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite—the Ultimate Freak Out

There’s nothing that can incite the heeby-geebies quite as quickly as a bed bug can. Although these critters are tiny—and often go undetected for a long time—they are capable of creating absolute havoc in your Washington, D.C. home. Not only will they ruin your furniture with their waste, but they will also make it very difficult for you to sleep. Feasting off your blood, they multiply at astonishing rates. Maryland and Washington DC bed bugs have no chance after Capitol Pest!

After a night spent with bed bugs snacking on you, you’ll probably wake up with bites and welts on your body. Obviously, this will not be conducive to your work life—or any other aspect of your daily routine. Bed bugs have a way of ruining everything, and there’s also an embarrassment factor when you realize that they have taken over your home. However, you shouldn’t feel ashamed; having bed bugs is not a reflection of your cleanliness. It’s just an unfortunate situation that must be addressed as soon as possible.

With bed bugs, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to receive pest treatment, the more they will multiply, contributing to sleepless nights. It’s not a DIY situation when you’re dealing with bed bugs; call Capitol Pest as the earliest sign of an issue. Remember, bed bugs hide when the lights are on, so you may have them and not even realize it until you wake up with mysterious bite marks.

A Complete Approach

With bed bugs, you can’t assume that you’ve treated the problem if you’ve only gotten rid of the adult bed bugs. There will be nymphs lurking in your home, waiting until dark to transform into a full-sized bed bug and bite you. Capitol Pest will treat the entire problem, using methods that are specially designed to take out every single bed bug in your home—whether it’s full-grown or a nymph.Our process comes with the best warranty in the business, a full one-year warranty. Now that is peace of mind.

Washington DC Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, the D.C. area is especially vulnerable when it comes to bed bug infestations. All it takes is one unwitting hotel traveler to bring a bed bug back in a suitcase, and then an entire building will become infested. If you live in D.C., you must be especially vigilant about bed bugs. Luckily, the team at Capitol Pest boasts years of experience dealing with these home wrecking insects. Take control and call us today. Our process comes with the best warranty in the business, a full one-year warranty. Now that is peace of mind.