Using Local Exterminator for Bed Bugs After Traveling

Using Local Exterminator for Bed Bugs After Traveling

The holidays will be here in just a few short weeks. If you intend on traveling soon, it is likely you will be sleeping in a bed other than your own. The possibility of a bed bug problem is always a concern. If bed bugs are transferred to your personal belongings during a hotel stay, your own problem could arise when you get home. Consider using a local exterminator for bed bugs to address your personal and the hotel’s pest control needs.

Here are some steps you can take to help keep your home bed bug free when traveling this season.

Do an Assessment of Sleeping Quarters

It is a good idea to inspect your hotel room. When evaluating the bed, make sure to inspect the headboard, mattress and box spring for flat, brown insects. In addition to bed bugs, look for red or rust-colored markings as these can be an indication these pests are present. Simply lift the headboard off the hinge and look behind it. We also recommend looking at the inside of the nightstand. Unstained wood is a safe, warm spot for bed bugs to enjoy their latest blood meal. If you spot these bugs or markings, ask the hotel for a different room.

Keep Your Personal Belongings Raised and Contained

Personal items should not be placed on a bed, the floor, or inside dresser drawers in a hotel room. Use the luggage racks available in every hotel room to open your luggage. Keep clean clothing inside of the suitcase during your stay. Dirty items can be placed inside of another trash bag until you get home.

Dirty Clothes –  Launder Items Promptly

Hotels may get a bad reputation for having bed bugs. However, it isn’t always the hotel’s fault. It doesn’t mean that the hotel is dirty – simply – they’re now the new residence of a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are the world’s greatest hitch-hikers and they LOVE dirty clothes. All they need to do is hitch a ride with one guest and stay behind. Then the problem continues.

A local exterminator for bed bugs with years of experience can help solve this problem. If you have a bed bug issue at home or at your hotel, call Capitol Pest today.  Our proven and effective processes will eliminate your bed bug infestation.

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