Use Rodent Control Tactics To Stop Mice From Invading A Home

Use Rodent Control Tactics To Stop Mice From Invading A Home

rodent control tactics stop miceIf your home is near a wooded area, chances are you will notice a pest or two lurking around your structure. Using proper rodent control tactics is necessary to stop mice from getting inside. Since mice are known to be carriers of bacteria, do your best to keep them from entering your home.

Here are some Rodent Control Tactics to stop mice from causing havoc:

Keep The Home As Clean As Possible

Rodents tend to lurk in places where debris is located. They will be able to obscure themselves from view while eating crumbs. It is best to clean the home regularly so mice are less likely to stick around if they get inside the structure. A home without food or water is one that mice will quickly vacate. Use a vacuum cleaner, sweep, and wipe down food preparation areas frequently. Make sure leftovers are stored in a refrigerator, as well.

Make Necessary Repairs To The Exterior

Inspect your home for any areas where cracks in the siding are apparent. Necessary repairs will stop mice from using these spots to gain entry to the interior. Use caulk or pieces of steel wool to fill in any crevices noticed. Larger holes will require new panels to be placed to keep mice from getting inside the home. Check that doorways do not have large gaps present between the bottoms of doors and the floors. Door sweeps will fill in space to keep mice on the outside.

Use Deterrents And Take Away Attractions

Mice tend to stay away from areas where they feel as if they are being threatened. Placing decoys, like birds of prey on a property can be beneficial in keeping mice from getting too close to a property. Keeping a cat on the premises can also be a useful way to ward off rodents. Remove or cover water sources such as fountains, children’s swimming pools or bird baths. If wood piles are present on a property, consider moving it to an area far from the view of the home to keep mice from inching their way closer.

If you have a need to remove mice from a home, contact us right away to schedule an appointment. We will then take the necessary steps in getting your home rodent-free.

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