The Trouble with Cockroaches: A Local Exterminator for Roaches Explains

The Trouble with Cockroaches: A Local Exterminator for Roaches Explains

local exterminator for roachesThere are thousands of species of cockroaches, but only a few of them are considered pests. Unfortunately, some of the worst live right here. Of all the troublesome roaches that inhabit the DC area, the most dangerous may be the American cockroach. Capitol Pest, your local exterminator for roaches explains why.

How to identify American cockroaches

Male and female roaches look strikingly similar. Each wears a reddish-brown exoskeleton and boasts antenna that are roughly the same length as the body. Roaches also sport smaller antenna-like appendages called cerci at their tail end. Typically around two inches in length, these bad boys can grow to more than three inches long. American cockroaches prefer to run when disturbed, but they do have wings and can fly when they need to.

Mahogany brown egg cases approximately 1/3 inch in length may be found along baseboards, inside windowsills, and in other hidden places. If allowed to hatch, more than a dozen immature roaches may emerge from each capsule. Roaches reach maturity in six months. Once it starts reproducing, a female roach can deliver a new egg case every nine days for the rest of its life.

Dangers of cockroach infestation

Not only do American cockroaches spread bacteria that cause diseases such as salmonella and dysentery, their shed skins and feces can trigger allergies and asthma attacks, especially in children.

American cockroaches will eat (and contaminate) anything, anywhere. Wallpaper paste, postage stamps, cosmetics, and toothpaste are as appealing to a cockroach as the food in your pantry.

Once cockroaches have moved indoors, they can be difficult to eradicate. If you see roach droppings or smell an odd aroma in your kitchen or basement, contact us without delay.

There’s no reason to share your house with roaches when help is only a phone call away. Capitol Pest is your local exterminator for roaches and we can help you get rid of them!  Call 301-603-3169 today.

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