The Dangers of Bee Stings

As vital as bees are to nature, they also pose a significant risk to people who get in their way. Many people each year suffer adverse reactions to being stung by bees that that have built hives in and around these individuals’ properties. Some reactions are mild and include minor swelling and pain. While these minor reactions are generally easy to live with and treat, other people suffer more serious consequences that put their lives in danger. People who are allergic to bee stings often have difficulties breathing and even go into anaphylactic shock after being stung. When you want your home and yard to be as safe as possible this summer without having to worry about bees stinging you and your family, you can call on us to remove these pests from your property.

Bees can take up residence in a variety of places in your yard. While they often prefer high places like under your eaves or in your attic, bees have also been known to build hives in bushes and in piles of brush. A person who accidentally disturbs a hive while doing yard work may find himself or herself in a swarm of angry bees, resulting in this individual being stung all over his or her body. Along with resulting in welts and painful swelling, these stings can also cause the person to go into shock and collapse before help can arrive.

However, when we are called to your home, we will bring with us equipment and resources that let us remove the hives and bees entirely. We will make sure that these pests will not return to build new hives and compromise your family’s safety.

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