Taking Charge of Your Garden – Tips from Your Local Exterminator

gardening - tips from your local exterminator

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There is something about gardening and getting your hands in the dirt after a long day at work that tends to be calming. It’s a way to escape the stresses of reality that is everyday life and puts your mind at ease. Many people look forward to their spring sunshine and showers, because it means the gates to Utopia are open for them. We understand how important it is for you to be able to enjoy the beauty of your garden and to make sure that it stays the relaxing place that you’ve come to know and love. So in this episode of our series Tips from Your Local Exterminator we want to help to make sure that pests don’t ruin your garden and you can maintain your state of Zen.

Ivy Coverings:

Did you know that a favorite hangout spot for rats, are in regions that have a lot of ivy coverings. Those gorgeous Ivy coverings that add to the ambiance certain that is your version of Narnia, can also be the source of shade, shelter, and open house invitation for rats. The beauty of these ivy coverings makes it so that getting rid of them is not the optimal option for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no help for you. In these instances where removal isn’t an option, calling for a rat exterminator would be the best option to make sure that rat runways and burrows don’t ruin the beauty of your garden.

Natural Repellents:

Whether you are a person that is just starting your garden or you are a person that has been invested in this for years, a good tip to know is that there are some flowers and plants that can not only add to the allure of your garden but can also be an effective natural mosquito repellent. Certain plants have been noted to be natural mosquito repellents such as: Lavender, Marigolds, Scented Geraniums, and more. With the help of Garden Design Magazine, you can find out helpful information and the best plants for your particular garden, these plants coupled with proper mosquito control will maintain your garden as a safe haven that you and your friends are able to enjoy.

Along with the tips above, we want you to also be careful with things such as excessive moisture and shaded areas in your garden as they can be hangout and/or breeding spots for a variety of pests. Following these tips and others from your local exterminator will help to ensure that you’re able to enjoy your garden minus the nuisance and destruction of pests.

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