Rodent Infestations in the Winter? Try Preventive Rodent Control Service

Rodent Infestations in the Winter? Try Preventive Rodent Control Service

Rodent Control Service in WinterSince Winter has yet to break, rodents will seek out places of warmth and safety to nest and eat. The DC Department of Health has established certain outreach and prevention programs. But if you are cautious, a preventive rodent control service by Capitol Pest can help stop any rodent infestations before they start.

Rodent Control Service Preventive Tips

  • Be sure you have closed off rodent access to your home.

Rats can get in through holes the size of a quarter and, if they need to, they can chew through almost anything. Even PVC, concrete and brick!

  • Clear up any debris you have outside, such as brush, grass or trees.

In the wild, rats and mice burrow into the ground if there is no structure for them to build a nest in. Generally, rodents don’t care much for the company of humans so if you have a place suitable for nesting outside, they will find it and prefer it over building a nest inside.

  • Clean up any opportunities for nesting

Rodents will seek out places that are dark, warm and undisturbed. If you have piles of clothing, boxes, or books, these are places that rodents can shack up and stay nice and cozy.

Because rodents pose numerous health risks – from plague to rat-bite fever – it is a good idea to have your home inspected and, if necessary, treated for any potential nesting opportunities or existences before the snow begins to fall.

qualified pest control technician can come and evaluate your home and determine what – if any – actions and precautions you can take to ensure your home is rodent-free for the winter.

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