Rodent Infestation: Combating Them Inside Your Home

Rodent Infestation: Combating Them Inside Your Home

Rodents are one of the largest pests to regularly inhabit homes, and their ability to survive in any habitat has made them the most widely distributed household pests on earth. Here are a few things all homeowners should consider when faced with a rodent infestation.

rodent infestationDetection

Rodents are not just abundant and fast breeding, they are also intelligent. Despite their size, mice and other rodents are excellent at avoiding detection. Because rodents are capable of learning quickly and sharing knowledge with others, they are able to avoid detection by actively planning around human activity. By the time a homeowner has discovered signs of rodent activity inside their home a rodent infestation may already be well underway.

Trap Placement

Intelligence also makes effective pest control tricky. If the same products are used for too long rodents may learn to avoid them. Mass trapping of rodents is the quickest and most effective method of ridding a home of a rodent infestation. While the use of glue boards does have its place, using glue boards can make mice trap shy as the adult can learn to avoid them by smell and touch.

Poison bait is an effective method of getting rid of rodents but can take several weeks to be effective, especially when competing food sources are available. Dead rodents do not leave the home to die and their bodies can produce a strong smell as they decompose. It is best to use traps that keep dead or dying mice in one spot so they may be removed as they are captured.


Mice and rats can carry a number of diseases and are an environmental health hazard when they live inside our homes. After you have addressed an active rodent infestation, it is best to try and remove any nests, waste products and corpses in the living space that could spread disease to your pets and family members.


If rodents were able to gain access to your house once, others will get in again as they follow scent pheromone trails left behind. Make sure to have your home assessed by a professional to help keep it rodent-free. Holes no larger than a pen circumference can become mouse freeways if they are not filled. A professional inspection can keep your first battle from turning into a war.

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