Rodent Control Methods – Prevent and Control Infestations

Rodent Control Methods – Prevent and Control Infestations

A rodent infestation can cause some serious destruction to your property, but sometimes you may not even see a mouse or rat until your infestation is severe. Rodent control methods can help identify the problem, prevent and control infestations.

exterminate rodents - rodent control methodsHow to tell if you have a rodent problem

In addition to mice and rats, wildlife like squirrels and chipmunks can take up residence in your home. Keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Look for droppings – mouse and rat droppings are easily identifiable, and will often be found around food sources, in cupboards, or along the edges of your counter or floors.
  • Chewed food packaging – a chewed cereal carton or cracker box is a sure sign of at least one rodent living in your house.
  • Nesting material – rodents will use cardboard, paper, fabric, or plastic for nesting.

How to prevent rodent infestations

Preventing infestations are much easier than solving them. Follow these tips:

  • Close holes – if you notice places where rodents can enter your house, plug them with steel wool, and concrete or other masonry product.
  • Remove nesting places – rodents can nest in deep mulch or leaf piles, so remove or properly dispose these from your property.
  • Dispose of food – food left out on the counter, or even food scraps in your yard, can attract rodents. Make sure you clean up all food sources.

What to do to control rodent infestations

Putting out traps may be helpful to catch one or two mice that have found their way into your home, but a larger infestation requires rodent control methods from your local exterminator or rodent control expert. When they have food and a place to nest, rodents can multiply quickly, so it’s best to be proactive before your problem gets out of hand.

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