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As the population in Herndon rises, the more housing developments will cut into the natural habitat. This expansion of the D.C. area will bring people and rodents face to face. Rodents like rats and mice pose several threats to people, such as spreading diseases. If you’re dealing with a rodent infestation, the professionals at Capitol Pest Control can eliminate the threat and provide you with a pest-free home.

How Do Rodents Invade Homes?

Mice and rats require shelter and safety just like humans do, and they’ll invade any space to stay protected from the weather and predators. Your home makes the ideal environment for rodents: It’s warm in the winter, cool in the summer and full of food. Rodents search for ways to get inside your home, such as the gaps around vents or openings around windows. Once they’re inside, they set up nests behind walls, in boxes and other out-of-sight areas where they can breed and sleep.

What Risks Do Rodents Pose?

Rodents were once the harbingers of death as they spread the plague throughout Europe. Though recent findings suggest that gerbils were the cause, rats and mice still transmit various diseases to people. The hantavirus, a potentially fatal disease as it progresses, is transmitted to people through contact with an infected rodent or its feces. Rodents also spread other diseases such as salmonella and rat-bite fever. These critters also carry fleas and lice, which can infest your living space and cause problems of their own.

Rodent pests also affect your health in other ways, such as contaminating food items in the pantry as they chew through boxed goods. Their dander and fur may contain pathogens and cause allergic reactions in people with sensitivities. They also cause property damage as they chew holes through walls and bite into wires, which could cause short-circuits and increase the fire risk in your home. It’s important to have a pest control professional inspect your home if you want to avoid a damaging rodent infestation.

How Do You Keep Rodents Out?

Sealing all the gaps around your home will prevent rodents from invading your living areas. Removing twig piles and cleaning up cluttered areas outside will also keep rodents away and eliminate possible nesting sites. Rodents are also attracted to garbage, so keep your trash bins sealed at all times to keep them out. You should also invest in routine pest maintenance as a preventative measure. Capitol Pest professionals can eliminate rodent infestations and also seal up their entryways to prevent future problems.

Professional Rodent Control in Herndon

Contact the pest control professionals at Capitol Pest, and schedule an inspection today. Our team will make it a priority to visit your home and to inspect for rodents. We can eliminate any infestation and block the access points, keeping rodents out of your home for good. We’ll also create a customized service program to ensure a pest-free home in the future.

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