Rodent Control Experts, Rodent Awareness Week & Pest World 2017

Rodent Control Experts, 4th Annual Rodent Awareness Week & Pest World 2017

Not only is it the 4th Annual Rodent Awareness Week – October 22-28 – but Capitol Pest Rodent Control Experts kicked off #PestWorld2017 in Baltimore, MD this week. As President of the Maryland State Pest Control Association and President of Capitol Pest, Brian Schoonmaker welcomed Pest Control colleagues from around the nation.

rodent control experts - rodent awareness week 2017

The lively discussions shared top techniques, processes, procedures, and products to help other pest and rodent control experts enhance their operations and encourage optimal performance.

Capitol Pest: The Rodent Control Experts

Perhaps the most frustrating thing a homeowner can encounter is discovering a mouse or rat inside their home or office. These rodents are not only frightening to many people, but many others are allergic to allergens that rodents produce. So, the first thought upon seeing a rodent is “How do I get rid of these pests?” The easy answer is to call the rodent control experts.

Luckily, there’s a solution to the rodent problem. Some people have immediate success with baits and traps, which, properly utilized, can either control the rodent problem in a house. Other times, however, the situation demands a more thorough type of rodent control as we tend to ask… where did they come from and are they still hiding there?

Capitol Pest takes a holistic approach when it comes to rodent control and removal.

It’s not enough to set baits and traps as that only takes care of the “seen” problem.  The Capitol Pest crew evaluates and inspects the exterior and interior of the home or office.

Capitol Pest’s proven rodent control system not only treats a home’s interior to eliminate mice and rats from the home’s inside, it thoroughly inspects and seals the outside of the home as well to prevent any new rodents from invading the home. Since Capitol Pest’s technicians will ensure that the home or office’s exterior will be completely and effectively sealed against any future entrance of mice or rats.  And not just with a spray foam, as that’s just another meal for rodents.

Capitol Pest has been the Washington, D.C. metro area’s go-to pest and rodent control experts since 1936. With a complete system for eliminating rodents, Capitol Pest can help you solve your rodent issues.

Discover what many in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia area already know: Capitol Pest knows rodent control! Contact us today for a free quote on how to best solve your rodent problem.

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