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Rockville, MD, residents are no strangers to flying insects. Bees and wasps thrive in its moderate climate, which features pleasant springs and hot, humid summers. Maryland’s bountiful and beautiful flowers make it an ideal environment for bees. In fact, there are more than 40 bee species found in the state. Overall, bees and wasps are beneficial to the ecosystem, but when infestations occur on your private property, they can lead to serious problems.

Wasp and Bee Basics

If you have trouble distinguishing bees from wasps, you’re not alone. The two insects have a similar appearance. Both bees and wasps can have yellow and black stripes across their bodies, which is the cause of much confusion. However, a few other features can reveal their true identity. Bees have hefty, hairy bodies while wasps are smooth, shiny and slender-bodied with narrow waists that connect their mid and rear body segments. A bee’s rears legs are flat. A wasp’s legs are slender and shaped like cylinders.

Bees and wasps generally build nests or hives outdoors. Bees are attracted to flowers, including the beautiful black-eyed Susan, Maryland’s state flower. Wasps often congregate around garbage cans, picnic sites and other places where protein-based food scraps are present. Under some circumstances, you may find these insects inside your home. Single bees and wasps often enter by accident when doors or windows are left open. Some species may seek entry through unsealed openings while they are searching for food sources, nesting sites or places to overwinter.

How Wasps and Bees Affect Your Home and Property

Bees and wasps can cause damage to your property both outdoors and inside your house. Carpenter bees drill holes in wood. A large infestation can decimate wood benches, tables, swings and other structures. If carpenter bees gain access to your attic or other unattended spaces, they can cause extensive and costly damage to building materials. Although they seem to disappear as the year progresses, they will come back to the same spot to bore more holes in which to lay their eggs. Indoor wasp infestations lead to wallboard and ceiling damage. Some wasp species also bore into wood.

In addition to home damage, wasps and bees present a potential health threat. Both can inflict painful stings to humans. Most stings only cause minor pain, but people who are allergic to the insects can suffer symptoms like swelling, difficulty breathing, hives, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, low blood pressure and heart rhythm problems. In severe cases, allergic reactions to bees can even be fatal. Having a wasp nest or bee hive near your home can be dangerous, especially if it is in an area where children play.

Getting wasp and bee infestations under control quickly is essential to protect your home and family from costly structural damage and serious health problems.

Trust Capitol for Fast, Effective Bee and Wasp Management

Capitol Pest has been removing wasps and bees from Maryland homes and businesses since 1936. We handle bee colonies ethically while ensuring that your family is safe from dangerous stings. Contact us today to solve your bee and wasp problem and all of your other pest control needs.

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