Rockville, MD Ant Control Services

Ants are one of the most hardy and prolific pests on earth. An estimated 22,000 different species inhabit nearly every corner of the globe. Although each species is unique, all ants can be identified by their segmented bodies and elbowed antennae. Also, ants tend to live in large colonies with a clearly defined division of labor. Their ability to efficiently work together in groups is perhaps ants’ most distinctive behavioral trait.

If you live in Maryland, you’re likely to encounter a few locally common ant species. The largest among them is the black carpenter ant, which takes its name from the way it burrows through wood to build its colonies. In the wild, they make their homes inside rotting trees, but they also commonly target human structures made out of wood, including houses.

Unlike termites, they don’t actually eat the wood, but their tunneling can cause tremendous structural damage if they’re not stopped in time. If you have a carpenter ant infestation in your home, you may notice them roaming around to find food, or you may find the tiny wood shavings they leave behind. Either way, this is a problem to remedy immediately.

Another species frequently seen here in Maryland is the much smaller odorous house ant, also sometimes called the “sugar ant” or the “stink ant.” Fortunately, these ants aren’t always odorous or stinky; the name refers to the smell they emit when crushed, which is reminiscent of rotten coconuts. Still, they can be a frustrating pest. They love eating sugar, and as a result, they often spoil humans’ food. Often, they move into human habitations to escape rain, so they’re a particularly serious problem in periods of wet weather. They tend to build enormous colonies, even for ants, and they can usually be found living inside your walls or beneath your floor.

Another small species, pavement ants, like to live beneath stones or inside cracks in pavement. Like odorous house ants, the main threat they pose to humans is the risk of food contamination. While the odorous house ant likes sweet foods, pavement ants go in for greasier items, such as meat. Their preference for tight living conditions can make their nests particularly hard to find.

These are just three of the many kinds of ant that you’re likely to find in Maryland. Ants come in so many different forms that sometimes it’s hard to tell one species from another, but the bottom line is simple: all ant species are a problem that you shouldn’t wait to fix.

Although there are a lot of “do-it-yourself” remedies available, the sad truth is that none of them work as well as contacting a professional pest control service. The fact that you can find ants everywhere you go shows how tough they are. It takes experts armed with professional knowledge to make sure they’re gone and stay gone. If you suspect you’re facing an ant infestation, call Capitol Pest and let us know about the problem