Rat Exterminator: How and Why to Exterminate Rats

Rat Exterminator: How and Why to Exterminate Rats

rat exterminator - rat in attic - chewing on wiresThere is nothing quite as aggravating as a rat infestation in the house. They are nasty, disease-ridden creatures that are elusive but make their presence known with droppings and chewed-up everything. Even if you don’t see a rat in your main living space, you might find them in attics, basements, and crawlspaces. A professional rat exterminator will be good for your health, your property and your peace of mind.

As with all extermination problems, ridding your homes of rats is a task best left to professionals. However, there are certain things you can do that can help cut down on your uninvited guests.


The best way to kill rats is to use sturdy snap traps. Bait them with peanut butter or our professional bait (the old cliché about cheese is largely a myth), and place them along the walls where the creatures tend to scurry. A snap trap will kill the rodent quickly, whereupon you can dispose of the body before it starts to decompose. Be careful about pets and children, however, when using these kinds of traps. You can clean, refresh the bait, and reuse snap traps so long as gloves are always worn to prevent human scent.

Some people use sticky traps. Some people consider these traps cruel. They also present a problem of disposing of a live, scared rat. Getting bitten is a possibility. A trip to the emergency room and a course of antibiotics is no fun and expensive, to boot. On top of it, if a rat escapes, which is likely, they will become trap-shy and harder to catch after that.

Deadly poisons found at hardware stores will likely result in a rat corpse in an inaccessible part of the house that will create a stench that can last weeks.

Seal Entry Points

You or your rat exterminator might also inspect the outside of your house along the walls and the roof to see if you can find holes through which rats can find a means of ingress. Plugging these holes will go a long way toward reducing the number of your uninvited rodent guests. We Rats can even enter homes by following sewer lines and chewing through PVC piping to enter your home.

The best recommendation is to contact a local rat exterminator for effective rat control. Rat control experts know how to search for entry points, place effective traps, and offer recommendations to stop them from entering your home or business.

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Image Source: 247 Wildlife – Florida Pest Control

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