Protecting Your Bedroom from Bed Bugs

Of all the pests that can invade your home, few are more aggravating to deal with than bed bugs. After all, we expect to be safe from just about every worry when we are asleep, and to wake up with itchy bites from these insects is a most unpleasant experience. To prevent a bedbug infestation in your bedroom, there are some precautions that can keep these critters away.

First, you should understand that bedbugs are typically brought in from the outside on furniture or bedding that has been used or stored elsewhere. For example, college kids can bring bedbugs with them in the summer when they return to their homes with their blankets and pillows for summer break. Furniture that has been stored in a storage unit or moved in a moving truck can also have bedbugs hiding in it if there has been in infestation in the place of storage or moving vehicle. Thorough washing of bedding and using only storage and moving companies that have strict bedbug control policies will help you avoid bringing in bedbugs from the outside.

Second, routine cleaning of your home will help you kill any bedbugs present and alert you to an invasion before it gets out of control. Bedbugs don’t hide just in bedding but also in just about any nook and cranny they can find. Regular thorough cleanings will keep them out of various areas of your home and make it harder for them to establish a foothold.

Finally, using metal-frame beds and encasing mattresses, box springs and pillows in anti-bedbug encasements will make it much harder for them to find a place to thrive in your home. Of course, this tip is not foolproof, nor are any of the other precautions listed here. Thus, you can still get bedbugs even when you’ve been vigilant. Should you have a bedbug infestation in your home, you should contact a professional exterminator right away. Once they’ve established themselves, bedbugs are extremely difficult to get rid of, and only professionals have the right equipment and chemicals to get them out of your house for good.

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