Protecting Your Home Against Mouse Intrusions

Protecting Your Home Against Mouse Intrusions

If you recently noticed mouse droppings inside of your home, you are most likely concerned about the presence of the critters who had left them behind. Mouse intrusions can be alleviated with several proactive steps.

Here are some tips to consider helping in keeping rodents from becoming a problem.

Clean the Interior of Your Home

Mice tend to stay in an area where food is abundant. If you do not take the time to clean the inside of your house, the scent of food remnants are likely to draw in pests of all types. Collect and dispose of trash daily. Be sure to wash the dishes and not let them pile up in the sink. Use a bleach-based cleaning agent to minimize food odors from counters and other kitchen surfaces. Vacuuming is also good as it will reduce crumbs from floors where mice are likely to frequent.

Check the Exteriors for Rodent Entry Points

A mouse is known for its ability to squeeze into a tight area. If a pen can fit, so can a mouse. Because mice are flexible by nature, cracks present in the exterior of a home need to be eliminated to ensure rodents are unable to gain entry to the interior. Do an assessment of the siding and patch any suspect areas promptly. Sealing cracks and filling in holes with pieces of steel wool, concrete, and hardware cloth will help prevent mouse intrusions.

Adjust your Landscaping

Mouse intrusion - mouse eating acorn

The DC metro area has many homes with lovely ivy shrubbery and landscaping. While it is very pretty to look at, it’s also a safe and warm home for rodents and other pests. Trees also produce food like acorns that will feed a rodent population and make them happy to set up their homes on the outside of your home. If you have a consistent rodent problem, consider telling your landscapers and have them adjust your plants to solve this issue. Raking acorns will also help to keep rodents from being happy on your property.

Hire a Pest Control Service

Even if mice are not seen, signs indicating they are nearby can lead to destroyed personal property if they are not eradicated properly. Hiring a pest control service to evaluate the home and its surrounding land is the best way to thwart rodent problems before they escalate.

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