Preventing Rodents in Your Home

Dangers and Damages Rodents Cause

Rodents in your home can cause a number of problems. As they eat bits of your food, they contaminate the food they do not eat as well as your food-storage areas with excrement and urine. To obtain materials for their nests, the rodents gnaw into wood, paper, books and upholstery. In addition, they chew on cinder blocks, plastic, aluminum, lead and other soft metals. However, their chewing habits cause the most damage when they gnaw into wiring and create fire hazards. Rodents carry parasites like worms, mites and fleas, and those parasites as well as the rodents themselves spread diseases. A single pair of mice can multiply to become a family of 2,000 in only a year.


Help keep rodents out of your home by tightly sealing all possible points of entry like gaps around dryer vents, gas lines and drain pipes. Mice only need an opening the size of a pencil eraser to gain entry into your home. To make your home less attractive to rodents, keep food, pet food and grass seed in tightly sealed containers, and keep trashcans tightly covered as well.

Permanent Solution

A professional exterminator can provide a permanent solution for an infestation of rodents or prevent them from getting into your home and creating problems. Trained exterminators will identify the pest population and use the most successful techniques to eradicate the rodents. Some of those techniques include traps and baits, and proper placement is important to protect people and pets from harm as well as to ensure the effectiveness of the remedies. A thorough knowledge of rodents’ habits and behavior helps professionals determine how to correctly place traps and bait for maximum efficiency. An experienced pest control professional will know which method of eliminating rodents is most effective for your situation.

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