Preventing Ants & Roaches in Your Home This Summer

Insects can destroy the value of a property while preventing families from enjoying their own home. Preventing ant and roach problems, therefore, should be a priority for homeowners in today’s world. The good news is that homeowners can be sure to keep pests away by taking the right preventative measures. With an effective prevention strategy, homeowners can look forward to decades of enjoyment from their home without having to worry about pest problems.

Types of Ants and Roaches

Homeowners should learn to recognize the different types of ants and roaches to understand what preventative actions are necessary to prevent property damage. Odorous house ants are black in color and can be identified by the sour smell they give off when they are smashed. Pavement ants have a brown body with black legs, and they can often be found in large colonies. Unlike roaches, carpenter ants do not feed on natural building materials, but they can still bore into wood in order to make a colony or find food.

Where Ants and Roaches Hide

The damage that ants and roaches cause is ordinarily not visible in plain sight. Rather, colonies are often built deep within walls, foundations, and ceilings; finding these nests, therefore, can be challenging. Moreover, highly destructive insects, such as roaches and carpenter ants, often bore holes without nesting, and this means damage can be spread throughout a property. Some ants also live outside and come indoors through tiny holes to feed. The vast area that homes offer for ants to hide means finding these pests can often be very difficult.

How to Prevent Ants and Roaches

Prevention is the most effective strategy for managing ants and roaches. Homeowners should carefully search their home for potential entry holes. When holes are found, they should be filled promptly with caulk, screens, or other physical barriers. Chemical treatments can also act as deterrents that warn common pests to stay away. Traps should be placed throughout a property for the occasional ant or roach that finds its way inside. A professional can also implement a wide range of other preventative measures that can be appropriate in unique situations.

Keeping Pests Away This Summer

Ants and roaches will be out this summer looking to cause property damage through any possible entry hole. Capitol Pest serves homeowners in northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., with effective pest control solutions. Contact Capitol Pest today to start getting your ant and roach problems under control.

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