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Rodents can cause severe property damage by eating away at insulation, wiring, drywall, and other materials that make up a home. Moreover, indoor furniture, such as soft couches and leather chairs, can be damaged by rodents that find their way inside. Rodents can even burrow into beds and carpeting, and this can be terrifying for homeowners. In today’s world, solutions are available for homeowners to manage rodent problems with minimal cost and hassle. Homeowners facing rodent problems should investigate the options that are available for eliminating these pest problems before they get worse.

Types of Rodents in Potomac

The types of rodents that cause headaches for homeowners can be divided into indoor and outdoor categories. Outdoor rodents sometimes keep to themselves, but they can later cause problems by ravaging gardens and flower beds. The most common outdoor rodents that cause problems include squirrels, beavers, and gophers. Indoor rodents tend to be the most problematic because they can destroy a home’s interior and lead to property damage that can be expensive to repair. The most common rodents found indoors include mice, gerbils, and rats. Rodent problems can originate from natural sources, but former pets and their offspring can also lead to a rodent infestation.

Homes as Rodent Nests

Homes are ideal shelters for rodents because they have moderate temperature conditions throughout the year. Furthermore, homes also offer protection from the cold winters in Maryland. A wide range of rodents looking to get inside, therefore, will scan the exterior of a home thoroughly as the weather begins to cool. When entry holes exist, rodents are experts at finding them. Homeowners, therefore, must be vigilant to ensure that entry holes are sealed at the end of the summer each year. When there are no outstanding entry holes, rodents are rarely a problem. Likewise, homeowners should conduct an annual inspection to identify potential holes, and these openings should be patched promptly to prevent pests from getting inside.

Causes of Potomac Rodent Infestations

Understanding the causes of rodent infestations is important for ensuring that these problems can be managed effectively. Food items that are left out can act as bait that can encourage a rodent to stay inside a home. When a rodent is seen indoors, it is always possible for that rodent be a member of a family of rodents that have also found their way inside. More rodents inside a home means a higher potential for them to come across each other and subsequently reproduce. Since there must be least two rodents of the same species in order for reproduction to occur, infestations are more common when there are many openings that allow a wide range of rodents to enter a home.

Capitol Pest Control

Homeowners facing rodent problems should understand that they do not have to manage these issues alone. Capitol Pest Control services homeowners in Potomac, Md., with effective pest management solutions. The company can exterminate existing rodent populations while implementing measures to ensure that these pests never come back. Get in touch with Capitol Pest Control to discover how you can start getting your rodent problems under control today.