Potomac, MD Mosquito Control Services

The summer season gets everyone out of their homes and into their backyards for barbecues and swimming in the pool. However, summertime also brings out the mosquitoes in Potomac and turns a fun outing into an itchy nightmare. Because Potomac sits along the famed Potomac River, the city is a major mosquito area as these pests breed in water. With Capitol Pest on your side, you can enjoy your backyard fun without the need to cover up or stay inside.

The Problem With Mosquitoes in Potomac

Mosquitoes don’t just bite and fly away; they linger and continue to feed on both people and pets throughout the early morning and evening hours. The major problem with mosquitoes isn’t their bites but the diseases they carry. These biting insects transmit numerous diseases to people, such as malaria, encephalitis and West Nile virus. Their bites also infect dogs and cats with heartworm, a deadly parasite that can kill the animals without early detection. Recently, mosquitoes have been in the news for the Zika virus, a serious infection that causes birth defects. The symptoms are mild, so people who have been infected may not know it. Some symptoms include red eyes, joint pain and fever, but they usually go away on their own after a few days or a week. Pregnant women are at the most risk and should stay indoors or use mosquito repellent to prevent bites.

Effective Mosquito Prevention Treatments

Maryland has a humid climate with warm temperatures in the summer, creating the right conditions for mosquitoes. After it rains, they breed in standing water, which means you should turn over empty buckets, flower pots and other containers to prevent unnecessary breeding sites in your yard. Capitol Pest specializes in mosquito control and can treat your yard prior to a barbecue or another special outdoor occasion.

We provide seasonal treatments from April to October and apply effective pesticides once per month to keep mosquitoes away. Our treatments not only target mosquitoes on resting areas like shrubs and trees but also in spots where they breed. By keeping your grass cut short and having a monthly treatment program, you can avoid mosquitoes and their infectious diseases.

Capitol Pest Knows Potomac Mosquitoes

Contact our experienced and professional team for more information about our effective mosquito treatments. Our specialists know where mosquitoes rest and breed and can target them at the source. We also provide monthly preventative treatments and can help you enjoy a mosquito-free summer this year.