Have a Pest-Free Holiday

Have a Pest-Free Holiday

For many households, holiday decorations and the family traditions that have been developed around them are an important part of the winter holidays. A beautiful tree, pine wreaths and flickering light displays make these holidays memorable. Here are a few tips to have a pest-free holiday.

Christmas Trees

Modern, manufactured ‘trees’ have replaced their fresh-cut predecessors in many homes. However, some households have chosen to hold on to this holiday tradition. If your household is one of them, make sure to carefully inspect your tree before bringing it inside.

Much like any freshly harvested plant, a Christmas tree plays host to a variety of insects that would normally be located outdoors – such as crickets, beetles and aphids. However, they may also harbor mice, ants, moths and spiders too. Clark Griswold even found a squirrel in his tree!

pest-free holiday

Use a homemade wreath to enjoy a pest-free holiday


Wreaths suffer many of the same pest problems as Christmas trees on a much smaller scale. Fortunately, it is much easier to inspect a wreath for any obvious problems before you take it home. When hanging wreaths, remember that pine trees and their branches may also carry a variety of fungus, infestations and diseases that can spread to your houseplants. It is best to keep these displays separate while they are inside your home.

Light Cords

Many rodents, such as mice and squirrels, do not hibernate during the winter months. These common residential pests are known for causing extensive damages to cords inside and outside homes. Indoor and outdoor extension cords and light strings used for holiday displays should be examined periodically for rodent damage.

Damaged electrical cords are a serious fire and electrocution risk no matter where they are located and should be replaced immediately. After the holidays are over make sure to place all cords and light strings inside rodent-proof containers to prevent damage while in storage.

Cloth & Wood Decorations

Cloth and wood decorations, such as Christmas linens, wooden figurines and tree skirts should also be stored in an airtight container. This prevents moths and mice – who are more than happy to make your holiday heirlooms into their next meal – from gaining access.

Food & Food Displays

During the winter months, you are less likely to see insect activity around your home than you are mice. Make sure to put cookie trays, nut bowls and gingerbread houses away at night if possible. Try to prevent access to displays by keeping them off the ground on high tables that do not have dangling runners and linens for mice to climb up. And please remember, to maintain a pest-free holiday and all throughout the year, do not store food or candy with your holiday decorations. Candy canes, gingerbread houses, and more become a food source for pests and rodents at any time of the year.

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