Pest Control for Office Buildings in the DC Area 2017-08-14T13:19:44+00:00

Pest Control for Office Buildings in the DC Area

At Capitol Pest, we understand that office buildings are filled with thriving businesses where meetings, telephone centers, and executive offices are located and the last thing that anyone wants to hear is that business has been disrupted and a customer is unhappy because of an issue with pests. We understand that lost productivity is lost revenue and profit to a company.

Rest assured that when you work with Capitol Pest, you are working with the most innovative company in the Washington, DC area. We are the only company to have a full time Zoologist, (rodent and animal expert), PhD Entomologist (bug expert) and Biochemist (pesticide expert) on our staff. As a result, we have developed unique and proprietary processes to provide far safer and superior results while focusing on prevention and problem solving, not pesticide applications. We have a better treatment process for the most common culprits (cockroaches, ants, mice, and rats) while also focusing on better communication.

Pest Control for Office Buildings in the DC Area

90-Day Trial Offer

We already are the highest rated company by homeowners in the DC area and we feel we have the best commercial service in the industry as well. If after 90 days, you are not convinced that we are saving you time and making your clients happier, we will cancel your agreement and refund all monies paid for this service.

What this Means for Your Business

  • Superior technicians, trained to be problem solvers, means superior results.
  • Superior results mean higher profits.
  • Superior communication means less frustration and worry.
  • Superior trial offer means less risk.

Let us tailor a customized service program to meet your needs, and exceed your expectations, that have been lowered by the performance of other companies. THERE IS A SUPERIOR SERVICE AVAILABLE! Call now for an appointment.