What Pest Control Companies are Doing for Washington D.C.’s Rodent Problem

What Pest Control Companies are Doing for Washington D.C.’s Rodent Problem

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The White House in Washington, DC, USA

According to The Washington Post, the downside to D.C.’s population growth is directly correlated to Washington D.C.’s rodent problem. As the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. attracts a lot of people, and with an influx of people also comes an influx of rats. Well if pest control companies have anything to say about it, there are opportunities to make a positive change.

Like any big city, Washington D.C. has an impressive rat problem. You’d be lucky to walk down any street and not see at least one, but even if you don’t see them, they are there. Rats aren’t just alley dwellers, they love to come inside your home to nest and help themselves to your food and belongings.

And as recently as December 1, 2017, Huffington Post writes that even the White House has problems with bugs, cockroaches, mice and other pest problems.

In the article written by Rachel Chason, she states,

“Like many northeastern cities, the District has long struggled with rodents. But the problem has reached record levels in the nation’s capital, driven by a combination of factors. The city’s booming human population, along with hundreds of new restaurants and bars, means more trash. Recent mild winters mean fewer rats die from frigid temperatures. And construction across D.C. has disrupted subterranean burrows, sending the creatures scurrying onto sidewalks, into residential yards and… into homes.”

However, while it doesn’t seem like anyone is really doing anything about the rats, the truth is that pest control companies are treating Washington D.C.’s rodent problem every day. As we like to say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This means that calling a pest and rodent control professional over isn’t just about removing rats from your home, but it is also about preventing them from coming back.

A pest control expert will not only remove the rats, but will inspect your home so you can keep them gone for good. One of the biggest ways that a rat will enter your home is through cracks and holes. A rat can enter the home through holes as big as small as a dime or cracks only 1/4th of an inch wide. Homeowners often look at those cracks in the foundation and think that there is no way a rat could get inside, but you would be surprised. Luckily, these areas can easily be patched.

Other mice and rat prevention tips include keeping tight lids on your trash can, limiting clutter in your yard to limit hiding places, eliminating extra ivy along your home’s landscaping, keeping screens on all windows and doors, and keeping food well sealed so as to not tempt them.

However, if you already have mice, rats, and other vermin inside your home (including the White House!) in Washington, D.C., your first step should be to contact Capitol Pest so we can help develop a long-term pest and rodent control plan and help kick them out. 

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