New Year’s Resolution: Keep your home Pest free

Throughout the year, various household pests remain on the prowl. From mice to roaches, there are a number of different creatures that would like to call your home their own. One of your New Year’s resolutions should be to keep your residence pest-free. Here are a few critical tips to keep in mind.

1) Keep Your Residence Clean

Unsurprisingly, a lot of pests tend to have a very keen sense of smell. The scent of food will definitely attract them. This means that you must keep your home as clean as possible. After preparing a meal, be sure to thoroughly clean the kitchen. Things such as sweeping the floor and sanitizing your counters can make a big difference. If you tend to do a great deal of snacking in your room, be especially careful about leaving crumbs laying around.

2) Seal Your Home

Even what seems like a microscopic crack may allow bugs to raid your home. As you may know, mice can also contort their bodies to fit into very tiny spaces. Make it a priority to regularly inspect for any unsealed openings. Remember, you should not be able to see any light coming from underneath the exterior doors. Pay close attention to your home’s windows as well.

3) Fix Leaks Immediately

Insects, such as termites, thrive in damp environments. Don’t wait to repair leaky plumbing fixtures. You should also have your roof inspected on a yearly basis. A leaky roof allows pests to easily invade your home.

4) Keep an Eye Out for Signs of an Infestation

Don’t ignore the signs of a suspected pest infestation. Be aware of droppings and dead carcasses. If you happen to see one roach scampering across the floor, there are likely dozens more hiding somewhere within your home. Property damage is yet another obvious indication of an infestation. During the warmer months, you may also notice wasp nests and spider webs hanging around your home.

5) Eliminate Standing Water and Trash

A single mud hole can become the breeding ground for hundreds of mosquitoes and other insects. Periodically clean your exterior gutters throughout the year. You don’t want them to become filled with stagnant water. Never keep trash in close proximity to your house.

When to Call a Professional?

If you have already started to notice the tell-tale signs of a pest problem, you should call a professional immediately. Without the proper equipment and training, attempting to eliminate pests from your home may prove to be an uphill battle.

Always contact Capitol Pest for all of your pest control needs. Our professionals promise to keep your home pest-free. Get started on your New Year’s resolution today!

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