Mosquitoes are more than just pesky insects that everyone deals with every summer. Actually, they can transmit a number of dangerous diseases, some of which are deadly. Even outside of tropical environments, the following diseases are all contracted through mosquito bites.

Chikungunya – Typical symptoms of chikungunya begin as fever and joint pain, but people can get headaches, joint swelling, muscle pain or rash. The first reported cases of chikungunya in the United States came on July 17th, 2014 in Florida.

West Nile virus – Currently, there are no vaccinations to prevent a West Nile virus infection from a mosquito bite. While most people don’t develop any symptoms from this disease, about 20% can develop a fever. There is a rare chance of developing a fatal neurological illness from the West Nile virus.

Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever – Dengue fever starts out as a mosquito-borne disease with possible symptoms of fever, headache, muscle or joint pains and a skin rash. Some dengue fever cases advance to the life-threatening Dengue Hemorrhagic fever that creates low levels of blood platelets and bleeding. While this tropical disease infects up to 100 million people annually around the world, there have been some local cases reported in Florida recently.

Malaria – This serious disease is affiliated with a parasite that infects certain mosquitoes. Symptoms of malaria include high fevers, severe chills and flu-like signs. Even though malaria can be fatal, most cases can be treated. Typically, there is an average of 1,500 cases of malaria diagnosed in the USA each year.

When it comes to mosquitoes, don’t play around. You should seriously consider hiring a professional pest control business to treat your property to protect you and your family from these dangerous pests.