How Mosquito Control Works to Keep Your Yard Safe

How Mosquito Control Works to Keep Your Yard Safe

Although they are a small pest, mosquitoes can be a big worry. For centuries, they have been solely responsible for spreading diseases like yellow fever, dengue fever, malaria, and most recently, the Zika virus that poses a huge threat to everyone, pregnant women in particular. However, it isn’t just humans that have to worry, mosquitoes are responsible for spreading diseases to pets as well, like potentially deadly heartworms. While the diseases are a huge worry, mosquito control helps to keep your yard safe.

While citronella candles and mosquito spray can be a temporary fix, if you want to enjoy your beautiful backyard without worry, a more permanent fix can be to hire a pest control expert to control your mosquito problem.

Mosquito Control - Capitol Pest - Drain water from poolContrary to the belief, professional mosquito control doesn’t prevent mosquitoes for a lifetime. Instead, your yard needs to be treated on a month-to-month basis. However, it does save you time and a lot of money compared to other treatments, especially when you work with a local pest control company that can bundle their inspection and treatment services to cover a wide variety of pests and rodents, not just mosquitoes.

How Mosquito Control Works

After getting in touch with a local pest control service, the initial investigation will examine your yard for mosquito-prone areas so that they can be removed. This includes shady areas and long grass where mosquitoes like to dwell as well as areas of standing stagnant water that they can use to breed. Unfortunately, this can include pools or something as simple as an empty trash can, if they are not properly treated as well. When applicable, the pest control service will remove or advise the homeowner to remove or treat areas that are especially prone to mosquitoes.

For areas that can’t be removed, the areas will be treated by an anti-mosquito misting spray. You can schedule to have your yard sprayed once per month from April to October to have a summer free of mosquitoes. These skilled technicians are trained to spray common mosquito hiding areas like bushes and trees as well as to treat potential breeding areas. However, they are trained to avoid edible plants and children’s toys to prevent potential exposure. Of course, the spray used is not only effective, but much less toxic than your typical DEET repellents used on our bodies, meaning that it is safe as well and even safer once the spray has dried.

If you have a yard that is prone to mosquitoes and you are tired of not being able to fully enjoy your own yard, contact us today. Capitol Pest Control is dedicated to keeping Washington D.C. pest-free.

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