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Mosquito Control, Tick & Fleas Control

Capitol Pest offers comprehensive mosquito control, tick and fleas control using preventive pest control solutions that will protect your home and pets safe.

Though some may consider them an unpleasant nuisance, mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other insects. Mosquitoes feed off both humans and animals, thereby easily infecting host upon host.

A single mosquito bite can transmit diseases such as Zika Virus, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Encephalitis and West-Nile Virus. The well-known and well-publicized West Nile Virus first appeared in the Western hemisphere in 1999 and quickly spread to infect people in every state in the US. Unfortunately, 2015 ended as the worst year for reported cases of West Nile Virus. Now, the emergence of the Zika virus has everyone talking.

Nearly everyone in the Washington, DC area is affected by mosquitoes during the warmer months of the year, typically April through October. These pests swarm at outdoor events and breed prolifically in stagnant water–from bird baths to discarded tires–even puddles from the latest rainfall. Just one inch of water collected in a can of soda can produce hundreds of mosquitoes. Certain land features, such as swamps, reservoirs and retention ponds are virtual breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Don’t let the mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your yard this year. Capitol Pest’s comprehensive mosquito control solutions will protect your family and pets from those backyard blood suckers.

Safe & Effective Mosquito Control, Tick, and Fleas Control & Prevention

Whether you need one treatment 2-3 days prior to an outdoor event or would like to protect your family and pets for the entire summer and take back your yard, our barrier treatments for Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Fleas is exactly what the doctor ordered. Our seasonal treatments are performed once per month during the months of April through October in order to stay ahead of the mosquito breeding cycles. Our treatments are not only targeted towards the adult mosquito resting sites like trees and shrubs (like other mosquito companies), but we also focus on all other shaded areas where mosquitoes will wait for you to pass by as well as breeding-site mitigation and treatment to in order to provide superior results. We also include Tick and Fleas control treatments to tall grass and dense vegetation.

How Safe are the Treatments?

This is the question most often asked and it is an important one. The product used to treat mosquito resting areas is applied by our highly trained technicians. The are trained to avoid edible plants, children’s toys and other areas that should not be treated. Once the product has dried for one hour, it bonds with the treated areas and remains repellent to mosquitoes for up to one month. Denial of these resting areas where the mosquitoes wait to bite, is critical to protecting your family. Once dried, the only way that your family or pets would be exposed to this product is by contacting it which is highly unlikely based on where we treat. If contacted, these products are actually much less toxic than common mosquito repellents like Deet and other products that are used to repel mosquitoes on our bodies. In short, our treatments are both SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

Bundle with our Gold or Platinum Pest Control Plans for a Reduced Price

Bundling of our Mosquito Control, Tick, and Fleas Control Service is available with both our Gold and Platinum Pest Prevention Plans. See our Pest Control Monthly Service Plans page for more information.

For more information about mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, or to schedule an inspection, please call us or fill out the information below to contact us.