How Mosquito Control Starts in the Late Fall

How Mosquito Control Starts in the Late Fall

After the first frost falls, mosquito season is finally over. This allows us to go outside and finally enjoy our patios now that those pesky bloodsuckers are gone. However, while late fall might be the time to forget about mosquitoes for many, it should also be the time to make preparations for mosquito control next year.

mosquito control in late fall - bird bath in winterFor many species of mosquitoes, they lay one final batch of eggs in the fall before they die. Once it gets cold, the eggs will go into a suspended stage of development until spring comes around and it becomes warm and wet again. These eggs will become the first batch of mosquitoes next year, but if you can find the eggs in the fall, you can make sure they are far away from your yard.

When laying eggs, mosquitoes will look for areas of standing water. This can be a full birdbath, the water-logged drip tray you keep under your outdoor plants, or even your full gutters that are clogged with falling leaves. The idea is to remove all areas of standing water from your yard.

Unfortunately, even the best yard cleaning won’t completely prevent mosquitoes from coming back. Your neighborhood may be full of standing water from your neighbors or you may have water sources like shallow creek beds or ponds that can’t be treated.

This is why mosquito control treatments can still be a big help. You can get your yard treated before your next event or even on a month-to-month basis that prevents mosquitoes all summer long.

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