Mosquito Control In Montgomery Village, MD

Although there are over 50 types of mosquitoes in Maryland, you will never see most of them. Mosquitoes are usually active from March through October. Asian tiger mosquitoes are black with white flecks all over their bodies. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes look similar but have some brown on their abdomens. Common house mosquitoes are tan to brown in color but may look red if they have just had a blood meal. Eastern salt marsh mosquitoes are brown and are usually found near saline bodies of water. They are not usually found in residential areas.

How Mosquitoes Spread

The mosquitoes that prefer to feast on human blood are attracted to sweet smells, the carbon dioxide in exhaled air and artificial light at night or around dusk. Any source of standing water or water that is not flowing will encourage these pests to breed. Stagnant man-made ponds, pools, saunas and pooling water around sprinklers are some of their common breeding grounds. Mosquitoes multiply fast, and some females will lay hundreds of thousands of eggs during their lifespan. Even the smallest area of standing water can be a risk. Some types of mosquitoes can breed in a space the size of a bottle cap if there is standing water. This is why it is important to keep pools and saunas covered, man-made ponds and birdbaths drained and sprinklers in good repair.

Dangers Of Mosquitoes

There have already been at least six verified cases of Zika virus in Maryland in 2017. While Zika symptoms in adults are not of medical significance, the effects of Zika on an unborn child are devastating. Pregnant mothers can pass the virus to the fetus, and the baby may be born with microcephaly. This condition is marked by an unusually small head and cognitive impairments.

Chikungunya virus has made its way to the United States from the Caribbean and is transmitted by mosquitoes. The virus can make people very sick but is not fatal. West Nile virus is characterized by flu-like symptoms, lethargy, and long-term fatigue. Some people must be hospitalized, and recovery is slow. Mosquitoes can also carry dengue, yellow fever, and malaria. These are rarer and usually occur in subtropical climates. However, travelers from these regions who are infected and visit Maryland may serve as reservoirs for local mosquitoes to pick up and spread diseases.

Aedes aegypti mosquitoes can spread malaria, yellow fever, dengue, West Nile or Zika. Asian tiger mosquitoes can spread West Nile and chikungunya virus. House mosquitoes can carry West Nile and encephalitis, and the salt marsh mosquito is also a potential carrier of encephalitis.

Mosquito Control In Montgomery Village, MD

When you see mosquitoes on your property, call a professional for mosquito control. At Capitol Pest, we know the most effective methods for preventing mosquitoes from destroying your outdoor plans this summer. In addition to treating your property to prevent these dangerous pests, our professionals will discuss ways to reduce your risks of being bitten and ways to address possible mosquito breeding areas on your property. We have been in business since the 1930s and take pride in our reputation for quality and reliability. Please call us today for a free quote if you live in Montgomery Village or a surrounding area.

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