Mosquito Control in Hyattsville, MD

The warm summer months in Maryland allow for mosquito population to quickly grow out of hand, creating an irritation to residents all across the state. Mosquitoes thrive in warm, humid climates, and their predilection for stagnant bodies of water make Maryland a prime real estate area for them to accumulate in.

Mosquitoes are considered ectoparasites, which means they feed on the blood of both humans and animals. Because of this fact, they are often responsible for the spread of blood-borne diseases, since they can be silent carriers of certain pathogens that can transfer to humans when they bite them. A prime example of a dangerous illness that is easily spread to humans is the West Nile virus. It is a growing concern that mosquitoes could also the Zika virus as well as several other potentially life-threatening diseases. It is therefore vital for Maryland residents to take protective measures against mosquitoes.


How Do Mosquitoes Spread?

If your home is nearby any bodies of water, especially stagnant water sources, you are likely going to find the area infested and swarming with mosquitoes. They prefer to breed near bodies of water, and this can include even small puddles that might go unnoticed by you.

Even the bushes and plants that are in your flower garden or next to your front door can be drawing mosquitoes into the area by serving as a holding ground for small deposits of water that attract female mosquitoes, who then lay their eggs nearby. Of course, the more eggs you have nearby, the more adult mosquitoes you have and the whole thing becomes a vicious cycle of trying to rid your home and yard of these annoying pests.

Why are Controlling Mosquitoes Important?

As we mentioned previously, it’s very easy for mosquitoes populations to get out of control. Because they gather in large numbers near any body of water, even the smallest of puddles, where there are a few mosquitoes there will always be eggs ready to hatch out that create even more. This results in a seemingly endless cycle of mosquitoes swarming around inside your home and backyard gathering areas.

Additionally, you entertain in your home and backyard, we know the enjoyment of your guests is of utmost importance and the last thing you want is for them to be fighting off mosquitoes when they should be enjoying your party. Especially since mosquitoes carry the risk of passing blood borne diseases on to the humans they bite, it’s vital to keep them away from areas where you and your guests will be gathering. Many people can also experience allergic skin reactions to the bites of mosquitoes, creating itchy and sometimes painful welts on the skin. Treat mosquito infestations promptly to protect the health and comfort of your guests all summer long.

We know your home is your refuge from the stressful and chaotic world, and we understand the importance of keeping it free from annoying and potentially harmful pests. Contact Capitol Pest Control to find out how we can eradicate any existing infestations and keep these pests from coming back into your home and backyard.

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