Mosquito Control Herndon, VA

Mosquitoes cause outbreaks of infectious diseases in the United States and around the world. Within the past 20 years, however, several new mosquito-borne diseases have arrived in Herndon, Virginia. In 2000, Fairfax County had its first case of West Nile virus. Other common diseases include St. Louis encephalitis, Eastern equine encephalitis and La Crosse encephalitis. With the proliferation of invasive illnesses like Zika virus and chikungunya, mosquito control is more important than ever.

The Mosquito Lifecycle

Female mosquitoes begin the cycle when they bite innocent victims. They naturally seek warm-blooded hosts, including people and pets. They feed frequently before they lay eggs. Usually, several hundred eggs that form a raft-like clump are deposited in a damp area. When conditions are right and when there’s enough moisture, the eggs will hatch. The larvae, which are sometimes called wrigglers, float in the water as they mature, molt and pupate. This final stage occurs just before they leave the water as adults.

Most mosquitoes live for two or three weeks. During this time, the females might transfer blood-borne illnesses between multiple hosts. Even pets aren’t immune. For example, heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes, and equine encephalitis is often deadly for horses. People may experience fever, achy joints and other flu-like symptoms that escalate quickly. Fortunately, there are effective treatments. Mosquito-borne diseases are still relatively rare in Herndon. For most folks, the irritating, itchy bites are the main problem.

Mosquito Activity on Your Property

Bloodsucking mosquitoes crash all outdoor parties. They can easily ruin a relaxing evening on the patio or a weeknight cookout. Once these pests sense activity in your backyard, there’s no way to escape. Studies show that body heat, carbon dioxide and skin odors attract mosquitoes to certain hosts.

With some of the invasive mosquitoes to be found in Herndon nowadays, peak hours for mosquito bites aren’t only at dusk. No one is safe from Asian tiger mosquitoes that are active during the day. Sadly, too many people are bundling up in sweaters or hiding indoors to avoid the mosquitoes when they should be outside enjoying the warm weather.

Herndon Mosquito Control Methods

If mosquitoes are bugging your family and your party guests, there are a few solutions. Some areas are prone to mosquito problems because they have poor drainage or standing water. Even small outdoor containers like flowerpots and sandbox toys can support thousands of mosquito eggs. Larvae also thrive in gutters and rotten tree trunks. Removing items that hold standing water is a good start.

Environmental controls effectively remove nurseries that are critical for the pest’s lifecycle. Once these areas are wiped out, our mosquito control experts will eradicate the adult mosquitoes that inflict the painful bites. This process produces results quickly so that you can invite friends over for a bug-free barbeque the next day. Most mosquito control methods are effective for a full month before reapplication is needed.

For assistance with controlling mosquitoes and reclaiming your yard, call Capitol Pest. We will eliminate mosquito hot spots on your property.

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