Winter Pests & Your Local Roach Extermination Experts

Winter Pests & Your Local Roach Extermination Experts

While it isn’t unusual to have a few house guests over during the winter months, not all of them are invited. Friends, in-laws – or maybe even those pesky roaches. It’s great to see some of them, but a few are downright pests. While we can’t help you with the in-laws, your local roach extermination experts can help you send those roaches packing.

Capitol Pest is the leading local pest control service provider for the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia region. They provide local roach extermination services  in residential and commercial properties throughout the area.


Our pest control technicians are experts in their field. Our employees receive in-depth training and certification on chemicals, pests and safety to provide you with the most effective, safe and thorough service available.


local roach exterminationFor many of our customers, an American roach infestation seems to come out of nowhere. As a local roach extermination expert, we can assure you that just because your neighbors aren’t talking about it, doesn’t mean they haven’t experienced the same issues. It is very unlikely that your home or commercial property is the only one in the area with roaches – they had to come from somewhere, after all. Getting them taken care of quickly while the infestation is still small is the best way for you to prevent a full-scale war later on.

Our roach exterminators will treat your active roach infestation and apply a chemical barrier around your property to prevent re-infestation. This two-pronged approach targets roaches in all of their life-stages, from egg to adult and is an effective offensive line against an active infestation.

Regular renewal of the chemical barrier can help prevent new roaches from entering your home. We offer a variety of budget-friendly options to keep your home or office pest free all year long.

Our technicians are based out of multiple locations throughout our service area, which allows us to provide quick, on-demand extermination options for local homes and businesses. Contact us online or by phone at 301-603-3169 to schedule a visit from your local Capitol Pest exterminator.

Capitol Pest is the region’s premier pest control company serving the metro Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas.

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