Local Ant Exterminator Can Prevent Ants in your Pants

Local Ant Exterminator Can Prevent Ants in your Pants

Even when the winter bears down on us, some pests are in the midst of their overwintering season (kind of like insect hibernation). But one pest has a lock on every season: the humble and thrifty ant. Your local ant exterminator can help prevent an infestation.

Ants often make up the largest portion of a pest control operator’s work. There are around 12,000 ant species worldwide, but only about forty present major problems in the U.S.

Some species live under mounds in your yard or in cracks in your patio that might dampen the fun at your backyard barbecue. But when they have gained access to the interior of your dwelling, it’s a different scenario. There, they grow as a colony and workers exit the nest looking for food and water. When they find it, they leave pheromone trails that alert other ants to the goods. Often these ants travel along electrical or plumbing lines inside your walls, making the source hard to determine.

The most common ant species in the DC area include:

Carpenter Ants. These can be some of the largest ants, up to one inch, but they vary in size.  They tunnel into wood in your structure, which can damage its stability. They don’t eat the wood, they just dig themselves into it.

Odorous House Ants. These are the foragers that often march in a straight line. They emit a rotten coconut smell when crushed.

Pavement Ants. These ants are often found in cracks in sidewalks or buildings.  They can enter the home through small cracks and crevices.  They have grooves in their head, although they may be hard to see, and their bodies feel harder when you crush them.

It is often hard to get rid of an ant problem indoors, because the nest can be hard to find.  Often people spray the ants they see, or disrupt the pheromone trails with soapy water, ammonia, citrus sprays and other things. Yet that only kills the visible ants which are a small fraction of the ones hidden from view. Killing them means they won’t be taking bait or residual insecticide back to the nest, where the focus should be.

When you contact Capitol Pest, you can rest assured that our long history as an ant exterminator in the DC area means you will get the benefits of knowledge, experience and products that will solve any pest problem. We will no doubt keep those ants out of your pants and anywhere else.

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